1 June 22 Wednesday
4 June 22 Saturday

The Experiences

Enhance your stay with unforgettable moments at Villa Arika. Dive into Bali’s culinary delights with hands-on cooking classes,
where you will learn to craft spicy exotic sambals, rendangs, curries, and superb vegetarian dishes.
Indulge in personalised spa experiences and relax as our team brings the spa to you.

Recharge with tailored garden or beachside fitness sessions, especially good on sand, or the team can arrange surf guides, school and tours.

Cooking Class

Savour the unique flavours of Balinese cuisine, an essential element of the island’s allure. Elevate your holiday by learning new culinary skills and authentic Indonesian recipes. Talk to Villa Arika’s private chef, who is eager to customise memorable cooking classes to suit your skill level, ensuring that dish spiciness aligns with your palate. Then, be seated to delight with friends as you feast.

Villa Toraja - Experiences - Cooking Class

Spa Time

Enhance your Villa Arika experience with some rejuvenating spa moments. Our skilled therapists specialize in various body massages and facial treatments, drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese healing techniques. Indulge in spa sessions by the pool under the bale, pick a spit in the gardens, in the privacy of your bedroom or on your private terrace.

Villa Toraja - Experiences - SPA

Personal Training

Stay active throughout your holiday. Our villa manager can arrange personalised fitness sessions such as Thai kickboxing, yoga, or Pilates. If the children haven’t mastered the pool, swimming instructors can visit the villa. Alternatively, this area is a perfect place for long beach walks, jogging, and surfing.

Villa Toraja - Experiences - Personal Training