1 June 22 Wednesday
4 June 22 Saturday

Event Venue

The visually stunning attraction of Villa Toraga, resembling a luxury yacht navigating Canggu’s paddy fields,
positions it as the perfect venue for intimate weddings, social gatherings, and small corporate retreats.
Our team can introduce expert event organisers to arrange everything, such as flowers, decorations, and caterers, allowing you more time to relax.
Pre-event massages in the villa are a must to soothe any worries and prepare your hair and makeup for prime time.
For corporate retreats our team can arrange all meeting paraphernalia.


The captivating architectural allure of Villa Toraja positions it as the perfect venue for intimate weddings. Keeping the numbers down to avoid overcrowding means the invitations are selective. Exchange vows on the pool deck and front lawn, followed by a sumptuous dinner. If the small bedroom remains unused, this is an ideal spot to leave the children in air-conditioned comfort.

Villa Toraja - Event- Wedding


A private luxury villa offers an unrivalled setting for family reunions & birthdays. Gather freely, without strict schedules or designated meeting points. Whether breakfasting by the pool or joining activities, wake at your own pace. However, if children are present, they are likely in the pool already. It’s cost effective too – no unlimited pool menu grazing or expensive mini bar drinks!

Corporate Events

Unwind, strengthen bonds, and foster communication. Inspire creativity, innovate, and revitalize. Leave Villa Toraja with a fresh business perspective and a renewed sense of excitement and energy. The bar, dining room, spa, living room and deck offer ample breakout meeting locations. Our team can arrange whiteboards, projectors, and anything you need without being hampered by equipment on the journey.