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How Chung

How ChungArt Director

How Chung has been actively involved in the Creative (Since 1993) & Hospitality Industry (1999), producing many campaigns, events for major hotels and resorts around Asia.

He is the director of Pebble Media (Singapore, China & Jakarta), and believes in creating the rippling success for anyone.  Currently based in Shanghai. China, he has been actively working with companies to develop brand identity, delivering original & creative ideas in the graphic design/advertising field, advertising for print media, website conceptualization and development, enhance corporate presentation, and environmental design which includes signage, shop design, store displays and packaging.

He is also the appointed photographer with many renowned brands in China. His portfolio includes fashion, product, interior and food photography. In looking to commit his talents as a  member of the family, to share in its vision, his aim is for the company and him to take advantage of future opportunities to grow together. He believes that he have the tenacity, patience and confidence to lead a dynamic team in spearheading graphic innovation with both local and regional impact and to achieve outstanding corporate success.

Chung enjoys spending time with his 4 furkids, loves traveling and enjoys golf.


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